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    More often than not, getting your game published is a frustratingly long wait with only the slightest chance of ever seeing your precious game in actual print. To an aspiring game designer, the current state of the traditional game industry can seem a total gridlock. Most publishing companies either refuse to look at new and unproven concepts, or prefer to play it safe by licensing games that are already successful elsewhere.

    However, while traditional publishers may be less and less inclined to look at new game ideas; the number of ‘avant-garde’ gamers out there who are enthusiastically discovering and sharing new games is actually growing! Just look at the popularity and success of games on crowd-funding platforms for proof of this growing contradiction in the traditional game industry.


    Quantuum Magic was founded on two guiding principles: never be a doorstop to a game designer’s creativity; be his or her gateway to the public, and, there is a huge potential of awesome games to be unlocked and discovered out there! 

    Please keep in mind that this does not mean we publish every game! The quality and originality of your game is the most important factor in any decision. However, if your game would make a good fit in our portfolio, we will go the extra mile to have it reach its full potential. We believe in taking a chance on something we truly believe in. Together.

    As Quantuum Magic, we promote and sell our games to international retailers, distributors and during gaming conventions throughout the world. We are familiar with the many difficult choices involved in producing games and use a large network of professional artists to ensure a high level of quality. Just take a look at our portfolio!

    We combine our experience with your game design ambition in our ‘Joint Publishing’ system: a new concept in game development and publishing. By sharing in the small investment of time and resources in an initial test run, we are able to open up new opportunities for both game designer and publisher to ‘test the waters’ for your game. This system is tooled to allow anyone with a good game to benefit from the advantages and opportunities of our Joint Publishing system.

    Do you have the right game for us? 

    STEP 1: You have a strong original game that you think would fit well within our identity as a game publisher. Keep in mind that we like to combine innovation with recognition.

    STEP 2: Fill out our contact form to introduce yourself and your game to Quantuum Magic. Try to explain the basic concept of your game in a few sentences and give an outline of its development. Please inform us if you have a playable mockup/prototype. All information is treated as confidential.

    STEP 3: We look at your game concept and make a short analysis of its potential.

    Step 4: We either make an (online) appointment so you can demonstrate/explain the game yourself, or we give you the reasons why we think your game isn’t right for us. In either case we try to give you tips so you can take your game to the next level.

    Step 5: Preferably, you visit our office in order to demonstrate your game.

    Every day, dozens of awesome games are born and never see the light of day beyond their enthusiastic creator’s kitchen table. We founded Quantuum Magic based on the belief that the gaming industry should not be beyond the reach of mere mortals. We are always looking for strong, interesting and original games to add to our growing portfolio!

    Game on,

    Quantuum Magic


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    We met many interesting bloggers, magazine interviewers and gaming journalists during Spiel 2012. One of these was our friend Kenzin, from the German game site GamersUnity. Go check out his earlier insightful and funny review of Existenz: On the Ruins of Chaos.

    Kenzin had some pretty cool and questions lined up for us during our Spiel 2012 video interview, covering everything from game development, our plans for Existenz: On the Ruins of Chaos and what we look for in new games for our portfolio. Check it out below:

    Sadly, the quality of the sound came out a bit garbled. If you want to know more about how we develop games you can watch the video and/or read the (German) text of the interview here!