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    Spiel 2012 was the ultimate gaming experience we will never forget. And we mean that in a good way, even through all the food poisoning and hospital visits some of our team members had to endure! Luckily, Dutch games publishers are made of hardy stock and we still managed to man our booth (6-826) proudly.

    Opening the mockups of our new games for the first time was very exciting. Our mockup department had worked very hard to complete them in time for Spiel and all of their effort showed: they looked amazing! in fact, they looked so good, people offered to buy our mockups of Farmeroo!, Hubbly Bubbly Brew and Two Crowns instead of waiting for the finished products! We were very proud to showcase them next to Existenz: On the Ruins of Chaos.

    When we attend gaming conventions, lots of game designers manage to find their way behind our booth to show us their ideas and talk game with us! Spiel was no exception. We encountered everything from wrestling dice games to fantasy MMO like games. Plenty of great ideas there, and a sure sign that there is a huge potential to unlock on those kitchen gaming tables at home. The next time you see a Quantuum Magic team at a local gaming convention, don’t hesitate to show them your own games!

    Thanks everyone who came by to visit us!

    We are always looking for more retailers and distributors. Interested in picking up our games? Feel free to contact us.

  • SPIEL 2012: HERE WE COME! (BOOTH 6-826)


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    Spiel 2012 is the perfect place to share all of our hard work with our players, retailers and distributors. Come share in the fun at our booth (6-826) where we can show you our new games avalaible for pre-order!

    Hubbly Bubbly Brew is designed to let young players experience the kind of fantasy card game fun we all love as adults; Farmeroo! is the wonderfully colorful stepping stone for children and parents to play board games together; Two Crowns is our fast-paced medieval strategy card game with catapults, knights and bishops and ofcourse we will also showcase Existenz: On the Ruins of Chaos!

    Are you a game designer?

    We firmly believe that the gaming industry should not be beyond the reach of mere mortals. We are always looking for interesting games to add to our growing portfolio for 2013! If you are a budding enthusiastic game desginer with a strong game idea, we’d love to meet you at our booth (6-826) and brainstorm together about your game.